About Us, What is Our Mission

About Us, Our Mission Statement

For avid hunters and recreational outdoorsmen and women, hunting has no equal.

This is an industry that continues to evolve as new technology and products are developed for the challenge of the sport.

Many do not realize that hunting is more than tracking game animals. It is a matter of conservation.

When responsible men and women hunt certain animals, they are maintaining the balance of wildlife. Only a certain amount of hunting licenses per species are given out so that wildlife experts can tabulate numbers of predators and prey alike.

Hunters Pulse seeks to become a leading voice in the hunting, fishing and outdoors marketplace.

The challenge will be to stay on the cutting-edge of what firearms, optics and other hunting paraphernalia are on the leading edge for outdoors participants.

But it is a challenge we are ready to meet head-on.

Showing you hunting gear and accessories is NOT our only purpose.

It is our mission here at Hunters Pulse to educate you as to what is hot and what is not in the way of hunting equipment. Yes, we could simply show what is out in the marketplace, but we find it is easier to educate with comparative reviews on what many in the industry are using to make hunting easier and engaging.

Thus the name “Hunters Pulse.” By staying on top of what products and brands are the mainstays in the outdoors industry, we are keeping our proverbial thumb on the “pulse” of what is popular.

hunting elkDo you enjoy elk hunting in the colorful Rockies? Maybe New England captivates you with all it offers in the way of deer?

Whether you are one that hunts by bow or by firearm, we will examine the guns, bows, and gear that enhances this sport for you.

We don’t neglect bird-hunters either. Be it duck, grouse or pheasant; HuntersPulse.com will bring you the latest in top hunting products.

As we said before, this isn’t just about hunting (even though it is a mainstay). Fishing and camping will be showcased as well in the pages of Hunters Pulse. Fishing rods and reels, tents, backpacking equipment; all of these and more will be available through the pages.

So what will we do for you?

Maybe you already own a rifle that is a favorite for hunting. But do you have the right scope that works best for your weapon? Hunters Pulse will help you compare qualities and pricing for what works best for your situation. Do you have the correct rangefinder? We do what you may not have the time to do and that is to compare the subtle differences.

It is our pleasure to aid you in cutting through the frustration of comparing products and what is quality.

Hunters Pulse is comprised of people that love the outdoors and are avid hunters, fisherman, and campers.

We do the hard work in comparing products so that you have time to do what you love to do…be outside.

When you have the information you need, you will make a more educated decision on what you will purchase.

Along the way.

Hunters Pulse will also offer up insights and news that is important to hunters and outdoorsman alike. Sometimes trends and other important news items happen you should be made aware of.

At times we will offer up tips that are important to you. We would be remiss if all we did was to simply show products. Hunters Pulse wants to make sure you are informed in all avenues of the hunting, fishing and camping industry.

So check back as often as you want.

This site will be a venue in motion. Meaning that updates will be a primary goal of Hunters Pulse. As a “weblog”, you will find new information at the top of the front page. In this way, you will never lack for knowing what is happening and the products we are reviewing.

The differing posts will often contain links within the content. Feel free to follow them and see what important things are being discussed.

It is my hope as the founder of Hunter’sPulse.com that you will find the content pertinent to your need in the realm of hunting and fishing.

Feel free to let us know if there is something you would like included in the pages of this site AND any areas of concern or feedback. I want to know your thoughts.

AND…please share this site with your friends and fellow outdoorsmen. Knowing the “pulse” of the industry is how we will grow and become a major voice in what works and what doesn’t with hunting products and facts.

Hope to hear from you soon;